Dil hai ke manta nahin
Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin
Faiz Anwar
Music Direction
Nadeem Shravan


Dil hai ke manta nahin
Mushkil badi hai rasme mohabbat
Yeh jaanta hi nahin

Oh, dil hai ke manta nahin
Yeh beqaraari kyoon ho rahi hai
Yeh jaanta hi nahin

Dil to yeh chaahe har pal tumhe hum
Bas yunhi dekha kare
Marke bhi hum na tumse judaa ho
Aao kuch aisa kare
Mujh mein sama jaa, aa paas aa jaa
Hamdam mere hamnasheen

Teri vafaaye, teri mohabbat
Sab kuch hai mere liye
Tune diya hai nazraana dil ko
Hum to hai tere liye
Yeh baat sach hai, sab jaante hai
Tumko bhi hai yeh yakeen


The heart is the one who doesn't listen
These rituals of love are very difficult
The heart doesn't know this

The heart is the one who doesn't listen
Why is this restlessness happening
The heart doesn't know this

My heart wants that every moment
To see you like this
Even after dying, I don't wish to be separated from You
Let's do something to make it possible
Come and be inside me, come closer
My Beloved, My Soulmate

Your faithfulness, Your love
They all are for me
You have given all these gifts to the heart
I am there only for You
Everyone knows that this is true
You are convinced too about this

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