ninnindale ninnindale
Jayanth Kaykani
Music Direction
Mano Murthy


Ninnindale ninnindale kanasondu shuruvaagide
Ninnindale ninnindale manasindu kunidaadide
Ee edeyalli sihiyaada kolaahala nanneduralli nee heege bandagale
Ninna tutiyalli naguvaaguva hambala naa nintalle haaDaade ninnindale

iruLalli jwaradante kaadi eega hayagi nintiruve sariyenu
bekantale maadi eno mODi innello nODuva pariyenu
ee maayege ee maruLige ninninda kaLe bandide ninnindale

hodalli bandalli ella ninna sompaada cheluvina guNagaana
kEdage gariyantha ninna nOTa nanagEno andante anumaana
ninnindale saddillade muddaada kare bandide eee ninnindale


Just because of you, just because of you, a new dream has just begun
Just because of you, just because of you, my mind has started to dance
In my heart, there is a sweet torment, whenever you come in front of my eyes
I wish I could be the smile on your lips, I turned into a song wherever I stood, just because of you

In the dark when I thought of you I wilted feverishly, but now you stand ignorant and peacefully.. is that fine?
Purposely you created a magic all around, now you turn your look away as if its not you.. look at your style!
To this magic, To this awesome craze, you have added a new sparkle.

wherever I go, wherever I come, everywhere there’s a sweet song about your flamboyant beauty
I doubt if your look (which is as sharp as the petal of a kedage flower) said something to me
just because of you, without even a sound, I have got a cute call now

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