ae nazneen suno na Song Lyrics in English & Hindi & English Translation
Dil Hi Dil Mein
Mehboob Kotwal
Music Direction
A R Rahman


ae nazneen suno na,
hamein tum pe haq to do na,
chahein to jaan lo na,
ke dekha tumhein to hosh urh gaye,
hoth jaise khud hi sil gaye,

lagta hai ke tumko, rab ne banaya jis dam,
apni kudraton ko usne, tum mein kar diya tha gum,
is jahan ko husn baatna bhi kar diya tha kam,
teekhe teekhe nain naqsh tere, kaliyon se komal hoth tere,
phoolon se nazuk paon tere, donon jahan kurbaan tere,
tarasha pyaar se jise, rab ne vo murat ho tum,
sang-tarashon ki jaise, devi tum,
tumsa jahan mein koi na,

parda khayalon ka hai, sach-much jara saamne aa,
chaand ko main takta hoon, par teri shakl aankhon mein,
jee jalaye chandni bhi, thandi-thandi raaton mein,
naata neendon se toot gaya, tere liye ae mere haseen,
dil ko yakeen ye bhi hai magar, aayega aisa din bhi kabhee,
jab mulaqaten bhee hongi, meethi meethi si baaten bhee hongi,
pyaar bhari raaten bhee hongi, dekhna,
milne ki khabar do na,


hey elegant, please listen
grant to me authority on you
in exchange if you so desire, take my life
when i saw you, my consciousness deserted me
my lips, on their on accord, got sewn

it seems that when God moulded you, that very instant
He had incorporated His omnipotence in you
He had also reduced distributing beauty to this world
sharp are you features, your lips are softer than buds
your feet are more tender than flowers, both the worlds are sacrificed on you
you are that statue whom God has chieseled with love
you are like the godess of sculptors
there is nobody like you in the world

the curtain of thoughts (is hiding you), appear in front (of me) inreality
I am staring at the moon, but your face is in (my) eyes
the moonlight also is burning my heart, in cold nights
i am not able to sleep, for you, o my beautiful
still my heart has this belief also, that such a day will come sometime
when our meetings will also take place, sweet talks will take place
the nights, filled with love, will also be there, you will notice
give me the information of our meeting

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