Aap ke pyaar mein Lyrics and Translation
Music Direction
Nadeem Shravan


Aap ke pyaar mein hum savarne lage
Dekh ke aap ko hum nikhar ne lage
Is kadar aap se hum ko mohabbat huvi
Toot ke baajuon mein bikharne lage

Aap jo is tarah se tadapayenge
Aise aalam mein pagal ho jaayenge
Woh mil gaya jiski hume kab se talash thi
Bechain si in saason mein janmo ki pyaas thi
Jism se rooh mein hum utarne lage

Roop ki aanch se tan pigal jaayega
Aag lag jaayegi mann machal jaayega
Yeh lab zara takraye jo dilbar ke hot se
Chingariyaan udne lagi shabnam ki chot se
Hum sanam had se aage guzar ne lage


In your love I started putting on make up
Seeing you I started preening myself
I have fallen in love with you so much
Broken, going to pieces in your arms

If you keep tormenting me like this
I will go mad in this kind of stress
Found the one I was looking for, for so long
Tension in this breath, many lives long thirst
From the body into the spirit have started descending

The glare of my, beauty will melt the body
Fire will light, the mind will go mischievous
When these lips smashed against those of my sweetheart
Sparks started flying from the injuries inflicted by dew
We darling started crossing all bounds

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