Mujhe pyar karo Lyrics and Translation
Anand Bakshi
Music Direction
Viju Shah


Hoo subah se lekar shaam tak, shaam se lekar raat tak
Raat se lekar subah tak, subah se phir shaam tak
Mujhe pyar karo hoo, mujhe pyar karo
Hoo mujhe pyar karo mujhe pyar karo
shehar se lekar gaon tak, dhoop se lekar chaon tak
Sar se lekar paon tak, dil ki sabhi wafaon tak
Mujhe pyar karo hoo mujhe pyar karo
hoo mujhe pyar karo mujhe pyar karo

Hooo aur piya kuch bhi karlo, lekin rakhna yaad
Kuch shaadi se pehle kuch shaadi ke baad
Pyar mein ab itni shartein kaun rakhega yaar
Kya shaadi se pehle kya shaadi ke baad
Hoo paas se lekar door tak, door se lekar paas tak
In hoton ke pyaas tak, dharti se akaash tak
Mujhe pyar karo hooo mujhe pyar karo
hooo mujhe pyar karo mujhe pyar karo

Hoo aise kasie ho sakta hai thoda thoda pyar
Ya khul ke ikraar karo tum, ya khul ke inkaar
Hoo mere gale mein daal ke bahein karlo baate chaar
Isse aage karna padega tumko intezaar

Hoo saagar ke is aar se, saagar ke us paar tak
Nazron ki deewar tak, pyar se lekar pyar tak
Mujhe pyar karo hoo mujhe pyar karo
hoo mujhe pyar karo mujhe pyar karo


From the morning to the evening, from evening till the night
From the night to the morning, n again from morning to the evening
Just love me, just love me
From the city to the village, from the sunshine to the shadows
From head to feet, to all da gratefulness of da heart

Do whatever u want to , but just remember
Something before marriage and some after
In love who is goanna keep this number of conditions
What before marriage, n what after marriage
From near to far, from far to near
To da thirst of my lips, from the earth to the sky

How can this be partial love
Just tell me openly yes or no
Just hug me and exchange some words
Hence u will have to wait for me

From this coast of the sea to the other coast
Till the walls of my eyes, from love to love

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