Ghungroo ki tarah lyrics and translation
Chor Machaye Shor
Ravindra Jain
Music Direction
Ravindra Jain


Ghungroo ki tarah Bajta hi raha hoon mein
Kabhi iis pagh me, Kabhi oos pagh mein
Bandhta hi raha hoon mein

Kabhi toot gaya, Kabhi toda gaya
Sau baar mujhe, Phir joda gaya
Yuhi loot loot ke aur meet meet ke
Banta hi raha hoon mein

Mein karta raha, Auron ki kahi
Meri baat mere, Mann hi me rahi
Kabhi mandir me, Kabhi mehfil me
Sajta hi raha hoon mein

Apnon me rahe, Ya gairon me
Ghungroo ki jagah, To hai pairon me
Phir kaisa gila, Jag se jo mila
Sahta hi raha hoon mein


Just like anklets, I have been played with forever
Sometimes on this foot, sometimes on that foot
I have been tied around

Sometimes I broke off, sometimes I was broken off
Hundreds of time, then I was repaired
Thus by sacrificing myself all along
I have been going along

I kept doing, what others wanted
My desire remained in my heart
Sometimes in a temple, sometimes in a gathering
I have been used

Whether I am among my own people, or among unknowns
Fate of anklet is, to always remain in feet
Then why complain?, whatever I got from the world
I have been bearing

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