o saathi re tere bina bhi kya jina Song Lyrics and English Translation
Mukaddar Ka Sikandar
Music Direction
Kalyanji Anandji


o saathi re tere bina bhi kya jina
phuulon men kaliyon men sapanon ki galiyon men
tere binaa kuchh kahin na
tere bina bhi kya jina

jaane kaise anajaane hi aan basaa koi pyaase man men
apanaa sab kuchh kho baithe hain paagal man ke paagalapan men
dil ke afasaane
main jaanuun tuu jaane aur yeh jaane koi na

har dhadkan men pyaas hai teri saanson men teri khushbuu hai
is dharati se us ambar tak meri nazar men tuu hi tuu hai
pyaar yeh tuute na
tuu mujhse ruuthe na saath ye chhuute kabhi na

tujh bin jogan meri raaten tujh bin mere din banjaaran
meraa jivan jalati buunden bujhe-bujhe mere sapane saare
tere binaa meri mere binaa teri yeh zindagi zindagi na


oh companion, what is living without you?
in flowers, in buds, in the streets of love,
without you there is nothing anywhere!
what is living without you

i wonder how, without my knowing, somebody came and settled in my thirsty mind
in the madness of this crazed heart, we have lost everything of our own
the stories of the heart
i know them and you know them, and no one else knows them

in every heartbeat is thirst for you, in my breath is your fragrance
from this earth to that sky, in my eyes is only you all around
may this love not break
may you never get angry at me, may this companionship never stop

without you my nights are ascetics: without you my days are vagabonds
my life burns out in drops, all my dreams are extinguished
without you my life, without me your life, is not a life

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