Mere khwaabon mein tu
Anand Bakshi
Music Direction
Viju Shah


Mere khwaabon mein tu meri saanson mein tu
Meri baahon mein tu dil ki raahon mein tu

Raat din subah o shaam leke tera naam
Mere dil ne kiye tujhe laakhon salaam

Tu ho koi phool to chura loon
Apni zulfon mein laga loon
Hey hey
Palkhon ke neeche chhupa loon
Tu ho koi jaam to uda loon
Apni pyaas main bujha loon
Hey hey
Haan aanchal ke peechhe chhupa loon

Na main phool na main jaam
Deewana mera naam
Mera naam saari duniya mein hai badnaam

Tujhko koi geet main bana loon
Apne honthon pe saja loon
Haan haan
Dil chaahe jab gunguna loon
Tujkho man ka meet main bana loon
Apni palkhon pe bitha loon
Haan haan
Ha jee chaahe jab main gungunaa loon

Husn ka main ghulam
Aashik hai mera naam
Ishq aata nahin bada mushkil hai kaam


You are in my dreams, you are in my breaths
you are in my arms, you are in my heart

Night and day, taking your name
my heart has paid millions of salutations to you

If you were a flower I would steal you
Place you in my hair
hide you behind my eyelids
If you were a drink I would pick you
and quench my thirst
Yes, hide you behind my veil

Neither am I a flower nor a drink
I am crazy
My name has a bad name in the whole world

Let me make you into a song
Adorn you with my hands
yes, yes
whenever heart desires, will hum it away
will make you my heart's desire
will seat you on my eyelids
yes, whenever heart feels like it, I will hum away

I am a servant of elegance
My name is Love
love doesn't come to me, it's a very difficult task

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