Mil Jaate Hai Jo Pyaar Mein lyrics and english translation
anand Bakshi
Music Direction
Anu Malik


Mil Jaate Hai Jo Pyaar Mein
Mar Ke Bhi Wo Bicchadte Nahi
Hum Unhein Bhool Sakte Nahi
Wo Humein Bhool Sakte Nahi

Kaunsi Chaandni Raat Mein
Kya Hua Kis Mulakat Mein
Yaad Aati Hai Jab Bhi Koi
Baat Bas Baat Hi Baat Mein
Jaise Rote Hain Dil Toot Ke
Aise Sawan Baraste Nahi

Gham Ki Nazaron Pe Chhaya Hua
Dard Hanste Nazaaron Ka Hai
Dil Ke Baahar Hai Patjhad Magar
Dil Mein Mausam Baharon Ka Hai
Unki Yaadon Ke Ye Phool Toh
Toot Kar Bhi Bikharte Nahi

Humko Le Jayegi Ab Kahaan
Pyaar Ki Yeh Gali Kya Pata
Bhool Se Hum Yahaan Aa Gaye
Wapasi Ka Nahi Hai Rasta
Isliye Bach Ke Chalte Hain Log
Is Gali Se Guzarte Nahi

Kis Taraf Kisko Aawaaz Dein
Kaun Jaane Kahaan Reh Gaya
Raat Gham Ki Guzarti Nahi
Ye Andhera Jahaan Reh Gaya
Hum Jahaan Hai Wahaan Aaj Kal
Chand Suraj Nikalte Nahi


The ones who unite in love
They don’t get separated even after death
We can’t forget them
And they can’t forget us

In which Moonlit night
And what happened in which meeting
Whenever memories come to me
In the middle of talks
It feels as if the heart is broken and crying
In this cruel rainfall

From a gaze full of sadness
One can see pain spread over the sceneries
There’s autumn outside the heart
But inside the heart there is a lovely spring season
These flowers of her memories
Don’t spread even after being plucked

Where will it take me
This lane/street of love, who knows
I’ve come here by mistake
I don’t know the way back
That’s why people are careful about this path
They don’t cross (come by) this lane

Whom should I call and in which direction
Who knows where everyone has gotten lost
This night full of sadness doesn’t pass
This world remains completely dark
Where I reside nowadays
The Sun and the Moon don’t rise there

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