kora kaagaz tha yeh man
Anand Bakshi
Music Direction
S D Burman


kora kaagaz tha yeh man mera
likh liyaa naam is pe tera
suunaa aangan thaa jivvan mera
bas gaya pyaar jis pe tera

tuut na jaaye sapne main darta huun
nit din sapnon mein dekha karta huun
naina kajaraare matvaare ye ishaare
khaali darpan thaa yeh man mera
rach gaya ruup is mein tera

chain ganvaaya main ne nindiyaa ganvaayi
saari saari raath jaaguun duun main duhaayi
kahuun kya main aage nehaa laage ji na laage
koi dushman tha yeh man mera
ban gaya mit jaake tera

baagon mein phuulon ke khilne se pahale
tere mere nainon ke milne se pahale
kahaan ki yeh baatein
aisi ratein
tuuta taara tha yeh man mera
ban gaya chaand hoke tera


My mind was blank paper
I wrote your name on it.
My life was an empty courtyard,

in which your love settled.
I fear that my dreams will shatter.
I see you every day in my dreams.
these kajol-filled eyes, these intoxicating glances.
My mind was an empty mirror
in which your beauty manifested.

I lost my peace, I lost my sleep;
all night I stay up praying.
What else can I say? I am in love.
My mind was an enemy to me;
it became a friend to you.

In the gardens, before the flowers bloomed,
before our eyes met,
how could such things exist?
such meetings,
these sorts of nights?
My mind was a falling star;
once yours, it became the moon.

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