Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai
Shree 420
Music Direction
Shankar Jaikishan


Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai
Pyaar se phir kyoon darrta hai dil

Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil
Maaloom nahin hai kahan manzil

kaho ke apni preet ka
geet na badlega kabhi

tum bhi kaho is raah ka
meet na badlega kabhi
pyaar jo toota
saath jo chhoota
chaand na chamke ga kabhi

raaten dason dishaaon se
kahengi apni kahaaniyan

geet hamaare pyaar ke
dohraayengi jawaaniyan

main na rahoongi tum na rahoge
phir bhi rahengi nishaaniyan


love arises, a promise is made
why dose the heart still fear the world?

it tells us the path of love is full of trouble..
and the destination is unknown.

tell me that your song of love..
will never change.

now you profess that your life partner..
will nver change.
if love become bitter..
paths go separate ways..
and the moon will never shine for us.

the night will narrate..
our love story all over the world.

songs of our love..
will be sung by other youths.

yu and i will no longer be there..
but our offspring will live on.

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