Dheeme Dheeme Gaoon
Anand Bakshi
Music Direction
A R Rahman


Dheeme Dheeme Gaoon, Dheere Dheere Gaoon
Hole Hole Gaoon Tere Liye Piya
Gun Gun Main Gaati Jaoon
Chun Chun Payal Chankaoon
Sun Sun Kab Se Dohraoon Piya Piya.
Gulshan Mehke Mehke Ye Man Behke Behke
Aur Tan Dehke Dehke Kyon Hai Bata Piya
Man Ki Jo Haalat Hai Ye, Tan Ki Jo Rangat Hai Ye
Teri Mohabbat Hai Ye, Piya Piya Piya

Zindagi Mein Tu Aaya To, Dhoop Mein Mila Saaya To
Jaage Naseeb Mere O
Anhonee Ko Tha Hona, Dhool Ban Gayi Hai Sona
Aake Kareeb Tere O
Pyaar Se Mujhko Tune Chhua Hai, Roop Sunahara Tab Se Hua Hai
Kahoon Aur Kya Tujhe Mai Piya O.
Tere Nigahon Mein Hoon, Teri Hi Baho Mein Hoon
Khwabon Ki Rahon Mein Hoon Piya Piya Piya.

Maine Jo Khushi Paayi Hai, Jhoom Ke Jo Rut Aayi Hai
Badle Na Rut Vo Kai O
Dil Ke Devta Jo Lage, Sar Jhuka Hai Jiske Aage
Tute Na But Vo Kai O
Kitni Hai Meethi Kitni Suhani Tune Sunai Hai Jo Kahani
Main Jo Kho Gai, Nai Ho Gai O
Aankhon Mein Taare Chamke Raaton Mein Jugnu Damke
Mit Gaye Nishaan Gam Ke Piya Piya Piya


I Shall Sing Slowly
I Shall Sing Softly For You
I Continue To Hum
I Rattle My Anklets
Listen! For So Long I've Been Repeating Myself, Beloved
The Flower Gardens Are Redolent Of Fragrance; These Minds, Drunk With It
And These Bodies, Giddy; Tell Me Why It Is So, Beloved
This State Of Mindm, This Bodily Pleasure
These Are Your Love, Beloved

You Came Into My Life, A Shadow Found In Burning Sunlight
My Fortunes Soared
The Impossible Had To Occur; Dust Has Turned To Gold
When I Approached You
When U Touched Me With Love, My Beauty Is Glooming From That Moment
What More Can I Tell You, Beloved
I Am In Your Sight, I Am In Your Arms
I Am On The Path Of My Dreams, Beloved

This Happiness I Have Found, The Season That Has Come Full Swing
May That Season Never Change
The One Who Seems Like A God To My Heart, Before Whom My Head Bows
May That Statue Never Be Broken
How Sweet And Agreeable Is The Story You Have Told Me
The More I Was Lost In It, The Newer I Became
Stars Glittered Before My Eyes; Fireflies Flashed In The Night
Grief's Scars Were Erased, My Lover

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