Aasmaan ke neeche
Jewel Thief
Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music Direction
S D Burman


Aasmaan ke neeche, hum aaj apne peeche
Pyar ka jahaan basaa ke chale
Kadam ke nishaan banaa ke chale

Tum chale to phool jaise aanchal ke rang se
Saj gayee raahe, saj gayee rahe
Paas aao main bahanaa do,
Chaahat ka haar yeh khulee khulee baahe
Jisaka ho aanchal khud hee chaman
Kaheeye woh kyon haar baahon ke daale

Boltee hain aaj aankhe,
Kuch bhee naa aaj tum kehane do hum ko
Bekhude badhatee chalee hai,
Ab to khaamosh hee rehane do hum ko
Ek baar ek baar mere liye,
Keh do khanake laal honton ke pyaale

Saath mere chalke dekho
Aayee hain dhoom se kab ke bahaare
Har galee, har mod pe wo dono ke naam se,
Hum ko pukaare,
Tum ko pukaare
Keh do bahaaron se aaye idhar,
Un tak uthkar hum nahin jaanewaale


Underneath this sky, we have created in our wake
A world of love
We've left our footprints

When you walk, you leave a trail of flowers as colorful as your sari
And decorate these paths
Come a little closer and I will make
These open arms into a garland of desire
Whoever has this sari has the whole garden
So why would they need this garland

Today these eyes say
Nothing, but let me speak instead
This unrest is growing
So let me stay silent
Once, just this once
Let these wineglass like lips of your clink against one another

Walk with me and see
And see the joyful arrival of this weather
In every alley, at every turn they call our names
They call me
They call you
Tell the weather to come here instead
I am not going toward it

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