tum paas aaye lyrics and english translation
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Music Direction
jatin Lalit


tum paas aaye
yun muskraye
tum ne jane na kya sapne dikhaye
Ab to mer dil jage na sota hai
kya krun haye , kuchh kuchh hota hai

Na jane kaisa ahsaas hai
bujhti nahin hai kya pyaas hai
Kya nasha is pyaar kya mujh pe chhane laga
Koi na jane kyun chaahena hota hai
kya karun hai , kuchh kuchh hota hai

Kya rang lai meri dua
yeh ishq jane kaise hua
bechan hui jaan na jane kyun aane laga
tanhai me dil
yade sanjota hai , kyan karu haye,kuch kuch hota hain
kya krun hai , kuchh kuchh hota hai


you came near me
you smiled in such a way
what kind of dreams have you given me ?
now my heart stays awake and wont sleep
what shall I do , something is happening

what is this I feel
it doesnt dim , what kind of thirst is it ?
What kind of intoxication of love is this that is taking over me
no one has learnt why desire is aroused,
what can I do , something is happening to me

what fruits ( colors) have my prayers brought ?
who knows how we fell in love
why my life has become so restless
In times of stress
the heart manufatures images , what can I do
what shall I do , something is happening

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