Raaja ko raani se pyaar ho gayaa Lyrics and Translation
Akele Hum Akele Tum
Music Direction
Anu Malik


Raaja ko raani se pyaar ho gayaa
Pahali nazar mein pahala pyaar ho gaya
Dil jigar donon ghaayal huye
Teere nazar dil ke paar ho gaya

Raahon se raahein baahon se baahein milke bhi milti nahin
Hota hai aksar armaan ki kaliyaan
Khilke bhi khilti nahin
Phir bhi na jaane kyon nahin maane
Diwaana dil beqaraar ho gaya

Raani ko dekho nazarein mili to
Aankhein churaane lagi
Karti bhi kya voh sar ko jhukaa ke
Kangana ghumaane lagi
Raaja ne aisa jaaduu chalaaya
Na karte karte ikaraar ho gaya


The king fell in love with the queen
From the very first glance sprang his very first love.
The hearts of both were wounded
By an arrowed glance that breached the hearts' walls.

Yet in finding the path, in discovering an embrace, neither their path nor their embrace is assured.
This often happens; the buds of desire,
Blossoming, do not flower.
Even so, who knows why it did not obey
The mad heart grew uncontrollably restless.

To Look at the queen; meeting her gaze,
She hid her eyes (for shame).
What else could she do; bowing her head,
Her bangles began to twirl.
Such was the spell that the king cast
Even as she demurred, she consented.

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