Tu cheeze hai badi mast mast lyrics and translation
anand Bakshi
Music Direction
Viju Shah


Tu cheeze hai badi mast mast
Tu cheeze hai badi mast
Nahin tujhe koi hosh hosh
Uspar joban ka hai josh josh
Nahin tera koi dosh dosh
Madhosh hai tu har waqt waqt

Aashiq hai tera nam nam
Dil lena kam kam
Meri bahen meri bahen mat tham tham
Badnam hai tu madmast mast

Bol zara tu jane mehbubi , muj me aesi kya hai khubi
Tu ik reshm ki dor dor , tu ik reshm ki dor dor
Teri chal pe ashik mor mor
Teri zulf gani teri zulf gani chitchor chor
Gangor gata mad mast mast

Yeh dil teri ankhon may duba ban ja tu mehbooba
Mat teer nazar ke mar mar
Yeh chot lage gi aar paar
Aasan smaj na ye paar yar , yeh pyar bada ha sakt sakt


You are a wild girl
You are not conscious of it
On top of it is youth's exuberance
It’s not any fault of yours
You are drunk with happiness every time.

You are a professional lover
Your job is to take a girls heart
Don’t grab me by the arms
You are infamous as a philanderer

Speak my desirer what is in me that you find so desirable ?
You are like a silken thread
The boys go mad with desire at your walk
Your locks are dense , you heart stealer
Your deep mysterious moods enchant

This heart has become engrossed in your eyes, become my lover
Don’t hit arrows with your eyes
It will hurt deeply
Don’t think love is easy , love is very painful

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