Jeeta tha jiske liye Song lyrics and english translation
Music Direction
Nadeem Shravan


Jeeta tha jiske liye, Jiske liye marta tha
Ek aisi ladki thi jise, main pyar karta tha

Kitni mohabbat hai mere dil mein
Kaise dikhaun use, Kaise dikhaun use
Deewangi ne paagal kiya hai
Kaise bataun use, Kaise bataun use
Mitaane se bhi na mitegi
Meri daastaan

Meri nazar mein mere jigar mein
Tasveer hai yaar ki, Tasveer hai yaar ki
Meri khushi kya, Yeh zindagi kya
Saugaat hai pyar ki, Saugaat hai pyar ki
Usi ke liye hain
Mere toh yeh dono jahan

Jaan se bhi zyaada chaaha tha jisko
Usne hi dhoka diya, Usne hi dhoka diya
Nadaan thi jo kuchh bhi na samajhi
Chaahat ko ruswaa kiya, Chaahat ko ruswaa kiya
Bana ke usi ne ujada mera aashiyaan

Woh kaisi ladki thi Jise tu pyar karta tha
Ek aisi ladki thi jise main pyar karta tha


For whom I used to live, for whom I could die
There was a girl, whom I loved

How do I show her the
Love that is in my heart?
How do I tell her that
Being crazy for her has
Made me mad?
My tale won't eradicate
Even if I try

My beloved's image is
In my eyes and heart
My happiness, And life is nothing
But a gift of love
My both worlds are for him

The one whom I loved more than my life
Turned mistrustful
I was ignorant that I didn't understand anything
And disgraced love
She has destroyed my home after preparing it

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