Aji rooth kar ab song lyrics and translation
Hasrat Jaipuri
Music Direction
Shankar Jaikishan


Aji rooth kar ab kahaan jaaiyega
Jahaan jaaiyega humein paaiyega

Nigaahon se chhupkar dikhaao to jaane
Khayaalon men bhi tum na aao to jaane
Aji laakh parda men chhup jaaiyega
Nazar aaiyega nazar aaiyega

Jo dil men hain hothon pe laana bhi mushkil
Magar us ko dil men chhupaana bhi mushkil
Nazar ki zubaan phir samajh jaaiyega
Samajh kar zara gaur farmaaiyega


Breaking away from me, where will you go?
Wherever you'll go, you'll inevitably find me there

If you hide from my eyes, I become aware
If you don't appear in my thoughts, I sense it
You may hide behind oodles of screens
Yet you'll be conspicuous to me

It's hard to bring what's in the heart on to the lips
But it's also hard to conceal it within the heart
You may fathom the language of the eyes
Having done that, please express a wee bit of care

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