Aashiq banaya lyrics and translation
Aashiq Banaya Aapne
Music Direction
Himesh Reshammiya


Aashiq banaya, aashiq banaya
Aashiq banaya aapne
Tere bin suni suni hain baahein
Teri bin pyaasi pyaasi nigaahein
Tere bin bin asar meri aahein
Tere bin

Tere bin lamha lamha sataye
Tere bin bekarari jalaaye
Tere bin chain mujhko naa aaye
Tere bin

Meri nigaaho mein tera chehra rawaa hain
Gehre hain armaan jaane ja paagal samaa hain
Apni daayre se toh main chutne lagi hu
Tere baajuo mein aake tootne lagi hu

Tere bin jena nahi hain gawara
Tere bin dil ka nahi hain gujara
Tere bin kaun apna sahaara
Tere bin

Bechainiyo ka faaslo ka silsila hain
Dardejigar ka yeh sabab hamko mila hain
Betaabiyo ne hamko chur kar diya hain
Pass aane pe majboor kar diya hain

Tere bin raat kat ti nahi hain
Tere bin pyas mit ti nahi hain
Tere bin duri ghat ti nahi hain
Tere bin


Made me a lover, made me a lover
U made me a lover
Without you my arms are lonely
Without you my eyes are all thirsty
Without you my breaths are unworthy
Without u

Without every moment kills me
Without you restlessness burns me
Without you peace is not mine
Without u

Your face is always there in my eyes
Deep are my desires and the climate is crazy
I am crossing my limits now
In your arms i am all getting crushed off

Don’t wanna live without u
Without you my heart can’t beat
Without you no one can support me
Without u

Restless and distances are all up
Giving you the heart has made me go thru all this
Restless feeling has crushed me
I came close to you as i was helpless

Without ma night doesn’t ends
Without you ma thirst is always there
Without you distances doesn’t get any less
Without u

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