Hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo lyrics and translation
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Music Direction
Madan Mohan


Hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo
Woh jafa kare main wafa karoon
Jo wafa bhi kaam na aa sake
To wohi kahen ke main kya karoon

Mujhe gham bhi unka azeez hai
Ke unhi ki di hui cheez
Yehi gham hai ab meri zindagi
Ise kaise dil se juda karoon

Jo na ban sake main woh baat hoon
Jo na khatm ho main woh raat hoon
Yeh likha hai mere naseeb mein
Yoon hi shamma banke jala karoon

Na kisiki dil ki hoon aarzoo
Na kisi nazar ki hoon justujoo
Main woh phool hoon jo udaas ho
Na bahaar aaye to kya karoon


The pride of love is only this way,
They are cruel, yet I should be faithful.
And if faith is of no use,
Then they tell me what I should do

Even their pain is dear to me,
Because it is given to me by them,
And this pain is my life now,
How can I part from it?

I am what could not be,
I am the endless night,
This is written in my fate,
To burn away as a candle,

I am no heart’s desire,
No eyes wish to meet mine,
I am the flower that wilts,
If the spring has not come, what do I do?

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