too jahaa jahaa chalegaa Lyrics and Translation
Mera Saayaa
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Music Direction
Madan Mohan


Too jahaa jahaa chalegaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa
Meraa saayaa, meraa saayaa, meraa saayaa, meraa saayaa

Kabhee muz ko yaad kar ke jo bahenge tere aansoo
To wahee pe rok lenge unhe aa ke mere aansoo
Too jidhar kaa rukh karegaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa

Too agar udaas hogaa, to udaas rahoongee main bhee
Najar aaoo, yaa naa aaoo tere paas rahoongee main bhee
Too kahee bhee jaa rahegaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa

Main agar bichhad bhee jaaoo, kabhee meraa gam naa karanaa
Meraa pyaar yaad kar ke, kabhee aankh nam naa karanaa
Too jo mood ke dekh legaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa

Mere gam rahaa hain shaamil tere dukh mein, tere gam mein
Mere pyaar ne diyaa hain, teraa saath har janam mein
Too koee janam bhee legaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa


With every step you take, my shadow will be with you
My shadow (Repeating)

If you are to sometimes remember me, and you shed tears
My tears would then rush to stop them
Wherever you see, my shadow will be with you

If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you
Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you
Wherever you may go, my shadow will be with you

If I were to be lost from you, don't mourn for me
Don't let the memories of my love make your eyes fill with tears
If you are to look behind you, my shadow will be with you

My sorrow exists always in your pain and your sorrow
My love has been your companion and with you in every lifetime
Whatever reincarnation you may have, my shadow will be with you

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