Aye ho meri zindagi (Female) song lyrics and translation
Raja Hindustani
Music Direction
Nadeem Shravan


Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar ban ke
Mere dil me yoon hi rehna hai tum pyar pyar ban ke

Ankhon men tum base ho sapne hazar ban ke
mere dil me yuhn hi rehna tum pyar pyar ban ke

mere sathi mere sajan , mere sath yuon hi chalna
badlega rang zamana par tum nahin badlana
meri mang yoon hi barna,tare hazar ban ke

agar mein jo ruth jaoon to tum mujhe manana
thama hai hath mera , phir umar bar manana
mujhe chod ke najana vade hazar karke


You have come in my life , like spring
Stay in my heart like this forever , oh , becoming permanent love , love

you are now resident in my eyes , fulfillment of a thousand dreams
Stay in my heart

my companion , my love , walk keep my company me like this forever
Even if the whole world turns away from me don’t change
Fill the mang ( the dye in the hair to signify a married woman) becoming like a thousand stars

if i get in a huff, then come and cheer me up make up with me
Now that you have held my hand , stay with me for life
Dont leave me , after making a thousand promises

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