Jeevan chalne ka naam lyrics and English translation
Indrajeet Singh Tulsi
Music Direction
Laxmikant Pyarelal


Jeevan chalne ka naam chalte raho subaho shaam
Ke rasta kat jaayega mitra ke baadal chhat jaayega mitra
Ke dukh se rukna na mitra ke ek pal rukna na mitra

Jo jeevan se haar maanta uski ho gayi chhuti
Naak chadhakar kahe zindagi teri meri ho gayi kutti
Ke rootha yaar mana mitra
Ke yaar ko yaar bana mitra
Na khud se raho khafa mitra
Khud hi se bane khuda mitra

Ujali ujali bhor sunaati tuutle tuutle bol
Andhakaar mein suraj baitha apani gathadi khol
Ke usse aankh lada mitra
Samay se haath mila mitra
Ke ho jaa kiran kiran mitra
Ke chalta rahe chalan mitra

Ke chali shaam ke rang mahal mein
Tapati hui dopahari
Mili gagan se saanjh ki laali
Lekar roop sunahari
Ke raat bikhar jaayegi mitra
Ke baat nikhar jaayegi mitra
Ke suraj chhadh jaayega mitra
Kaafila badh jaayega mitra

Himmat apana deen dharam hai himmat hai imaan
Himmat allah himmat waahguru
Himmat hai bhagwaan
Ke ispe marta jaa mitra
Ke sajda karta jaa mitra
Ke sheesh jhukata chal mitra


Life means starts moving and let’s move day night
So that the journey will be finished so that clouds will be fade away
Because of sorrows please don't stop, don't stay for a moment also

Who take defeat from the life, he will be be vanished
Putting nose in proud manner, life tell you that now your and mine friendship is broken
So please the friend which is angry
So make the friend again friend
Don't be angry with your self
Make self only make the god my friend

Laminate morning tell in broken language
Sun is sitting in the darkness open your baggage
So see in his eyes directly my friend
Shake hand with the time my friend
Become the rays of the sun my friend

Going in the castle of the evening
The hot noon
Sunset radish meet with the sky
By taking the beautiful makeup
So night will be spattered my friend
So that topic will become interesting
Sun will rise again my friend
Caravan will be increased my friend

Courage is our religion courage is charactor
Courage is Allah, courage is my great master
Courage is the god
So let die for it my friend
So worship it my friend
So bow in front of it my friend
So put your impression on the world

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