Yeh dil aur unki nigahon lyrics and English translation
Prem Parbat
Jan Nisar Akhtar
Music Direction


Yeh dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye
Mujhe ghair letey hain baahon ke saaye

Pahaadon ko chanchal kiran chumtii hai
Hawaa har nadii kaa badan chumtii hai
Yahaan se wahaan tak, hain chaahon ke saaye

Lipattey ye pedoon se baadal ghanere
Yeh pal pal ujaaley, yeh pal pal andhere
Bahot thande thande hain raahon ke saaye

Dhadakte hain dil kitnii azaadiyon se
Bahot miltey jultey hain in vaadiyon se
Mohabbat ki rangiin panaahon ke saaye


This heart is under the shadows of His gaze
The reflections of His tight hugs shroud me

The playful sun-ray is kissing the mountains
The Air is caressing the body of each river
From here to there, the shadows of Love are spreading

The dark clouds are embracing the trees
In a moment it is bright, the next moment it is dark
The shadows of the passages are so chilly!

The hearts beating so freely here
They resemble so much with these valleys
The shadows of colourful shelters of Love

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