wadiyan mera daaman lyrics and English Translation
Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music Direction
R D Burman


wadiyan mera daaman raaste meri bahen
jao mere siva tum kaha jaoge

jab churaoge tan tum kisi baat se
shaakhe gul chhedegi mere hath se
apni hi zulf ko aur ulzaoge

jab se milne lagi tumse raahe meri
chand suraj bani do nigahe meri
tum kahi bhi raho tum nazar aaoge


These valleys are the skirts of my cloak, while these paths are my arms,
Where else will you go but me

When you'll cringe due to some reason,
The branch of flowers, through my hands, will tickle you,
You'll, yourself, entangle your locks more,

Since when my paths crossed with yours,
My two eyes has become the sun and the moon now,
Wherever you'll be, i shall be able to see you,

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