yaad naa jaaye beete dinon kee Song and English Translation
Dil Ek Mandir
Music Direction
Shankar Jaikishan


yaad naa jaaye, beete dinon kee
jaa ke naa aaye jo din
dil kyo bulaaye, unhe dil kyo bulaaye

din jo pakheru hote, pinjade mein main rakh letaa
paalataa unako jatan se, motee ke daane detaa
seene se rahataa lagaaye

tasaweer unakee chhupaa ke, rakhadoo jahaa jee chaahe
man mein basee wo murat lekin mite naa mitaye
kahane ko hain wo paraaye


Memories won't leave me, memories of days past
Days gone never to return
Why forget them, why will my heart forget them

If the days were birds, I would keep them in a cage
I would tend to them with care/love, feed them pearls
Keep them close to my breast/heart

I could hide her picture, keep it anywhere I chose
But the one ensconced in my heart, will not erase however I try
Even though she is supposed to belong to another

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