Dil Aisa Kisi Ne Mera Toda Song Lyrics in English, , English Translation
Music Direction
Shyamal Mitra


Dil Aisa Kisi Ne Mera Toda Barbaadi Ki Taraf Aisa Moda
Ek Bhale Manus Ko Amanush Bana Ke Chorra

Saagar Kitna Mere Paas Hai
Mere Jeevan Mein Phir Bhi Pyaas Hai
Hai Pyaas Badi Jeevan Chota Amanush Bane Ke Chorra

Kehete Hai Duniya Ke Raaste Koi Manzil Nahi Tere Vaaste
Nakaamiyon Se Naata Mera Joda Amanush Bana Ke Chorra

Dhooba Suraj Phir Se Nikle Raheta Nahi Hai Andera
Mera Suraj Aisa Roota Dekha Na Maine Savera
Ujaalon Ne Saath Mera Chorra Amanush Bana Ke Chorra


someone broke my heart in such a way, has turned me towards such destruction
A good human has been forcefully turned into a non-human

the ocean's so close to me
even then my life's still thirsty
thirst is huge and the life is short, turned forcelfully into a non-human

the roads of the worls are saying that there is no destiny for you
I have been teamed with the unsuccessful, turned me into a non-human

the setting sun rises again, there is no more darkness
my sun is upset/angry with me in such a way that I have not sighted morning
the light has left me all alone and let me forcefully become a non-human

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