Falak dekhoon zameen dekhoon lyrics and translation
Garam Masala
Mayur Puri
Music Direction


Falak dekhoon zameen dekhoon
Jahan dekhoon tera chehra vaheen dekhoon
Har ek manzar tera manzar
Woh kya manzar jahan tujhko nahin dekoon

Hai kisne taraasha yeh badan mar-mari sa
Yeh kwabon bhari ankhen, yeh chehra pari sa
Tu hi mera haasil hai tu hi aarzoo
Bahaaron ko, nazaaron ko,
Sitaaron ko jo tu na ho nahin dekhoon
Falak dekhoon.....

Chalakta hai palkon se yeh kaisa nasha hai
Nahin hosh mein koi, kya dilkash sama hai
Tera noor chhaaya hai, tera hi junoon
Oh jaane ada, tere jaisa,
Nahin mumkin kahin koi haseen dekhoon
Falak dekhoon…..


in the skies, on earth
Wherever I look I see your face
Every sight has you in it
What beauty is in that view that doesn’t have you in it

Who sculpted your marble-smooth body?
These dreamy eyes, this angel face
You are the treasure I have gained, you are all I desire
The bloom of spring, the beautiful sights!...
The stars...I see none of them when you are not there

What intoxication is this that spills from your eyes
Everyone’s lost their senses, what a heart-tugging atmosphere this is
Your radiance is everywhere and so is the obsession for you
Oh my sweetheart!,...
It is impossible to find another beauty like you

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