Meri aawaaz suno
Kaifi Azmi
Music Direction
Madan Mohan


Meri aawaaz suno,
pyaar kaa raag suno,
meree aawaaz suno...
maine ek phool jo, seene pe sajaa rakhaa thaah,
uske parde mein, tumhe dil se lagaa rakhha thaah
thaah judaa sab se, mere ishq kaa, andaaz suno,

zindagee bhar mujhe, nafrat see, rahee ashqon se,
mere khwaabon ko tum, ashqon mein Dubote kyoon ho,
jo meree taraah, jiyaa karte hain, kab marte hain,
thak gayaa hoon mujhe, so lene doh, rote kyoon ho,
so ke bhee jaagte, hee rehte hain, jaanbaaz suno

meree duniya men naa, poorab hai naa pachchim koee,
saare insaan, simaT aaye, khulee baahon mein,
kal bhaTaktaa thaah main, jin raahon mein tanhaa tanhaa,
kaafile kitne, mile aaj, unheen raahon main,
aur sab nikle, mere ham-damon, ham-raaz suno ...

naunihaal aate hain, arthee ko, kinaare kar lo,
main jahaan thaah, inhen jaanaa hai, vahaan se aage,
aasmaan in kaa, zameen in kee, zamaanaa in kaa,
hain kayee in ke jahaan, mere jahaan se aage,
inhen kaliyaan, naa kaho, hain, yeh chaman-saaz suno

kyoon sanwaaree hai yeh, chandan kee chitaa mere liye,
kyoon sanwaaree hai yeh, chandan kee chitaa mere liye,
main koee jism naheen hoon, ke jalaaoge mujhe,
raakh ke saath, bikhar jaaoo.ngaa main duniya mein,
tum jahaan khaaoge Thokar, vahee.n paaoge mujhe,
har qadam par, hai naye moD kaa, aaGhaaz suno,


Listen To My Voice,
Listen To The Melody Of Love,
Listen To My Voice,
A Flower That I Had Decorated On My Bosom,
Under Its Semblance I'd Kept You Close To My Heart,
Listen, My Way Of Love Was Different From All!

Lifelong I Sort Of Hated The Tears,
Why Are You Drowning My Dreams In The Tears?
They Don't Die Who've Lived Like Me,
Tired As I'm, Let Me Sleep! Why Do You Weep?
Listen, The Dauntless Remain Awake Even In Sleep!

There's No East Nor West In My Universe,
All Human Beings Are Clustered Within The Open Arms,
Those Paths Where I Used To Wander Alone In The Past,
Today, How Many A Caravan I Found In Those Very Paths!
And O My Intimates, All Turned Out To Be My Confidentes, Listen!

Youngsters Are Coming, Take The Bier Aside,
They Have To Proceed Further Than Where I've Been,
Theirs' Are The Heaven, The Earth, The Age!
Their World Is Far Ahead Of My World,
Don't Call Them Buds, They're The Garden-Layers, Listen!

Why Have You Adorned This Sandal-Wood Pyre For Me?
Why Have You Adorned This Sandal-Wood Pyre For Me?
I'm Not Some Body That You'll Be Burning Me,
I'll Scatter With The Ash In The World,
Wherever You Stumble, There You'll Find Me,
At Every Step There's Beginning Of A New Turn, Listen!

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